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Imagine as a base a band that is bringing together strong elements of both Horslips and Red Jasper, and then mixing in a little Renaissance. From there all bets are off as this is an incredibly varied album and there are times when they are pure symph and at others they are obviously neo. (...) This feels much more like a theatrical production than 'just' an album, as the songs are often very visual. (...)


This is one of the longest single discs I have come across, at 82 minutes, and it is certainly never boring!


There is plenty of guitar, and still a lot to take in lyrically with songs in multiple languages, and sometimes multiple languages within the same song! (...) This is definitely the more immediate of the two albums and one that can be more easily enjoyed on the first play (...)


Single MUTTER and ERDE. German progressive rock availible now on Spotify and I-Tunes. Album coming soon...